Monday, July 30, 2007

We went to the Indians' Game on Sunday...

We took the train downtown. Not sure what's going on with Sam...maybe he has to go to the bathroom.
In front of the fountain at Tower City. If you look closely at Josh (double click the picture), he's looking at a cop who was right next to me telling me I can't let them sit there. Then, she said I could take the picture real quick. They weren't allowed to sit on that white ledge and guess who's sitting on it...maybe that's why he's looking at the cop.
Before the game, there's a bunch of different things the kids can do. Sam and Josh went into this bouncy thing (what do you call those things?) They give a lot of free things out too like baseball cards and those #1 hands (again don't know the "official" name for them, but you can see them below).

Josh and I went walking around before the game and he got his picture taken with some robots. Still don't know why they were there and what they have to do with the Indians...oh well. Josh liked them and he loved rubbing it in that he got to do something that Sam didn't.

Fun times with Dad! I don't know who was enjoying it more...Eric or the kids. Matthew was really into it and it was nice seeing Eric tell him about the game and what was happening.

This was Josh most of the game. He could care less what was going on with the game. As you can see, he's facing the back of the seat.

Attack of the Cotton Candy!! Ben was the only one that didn't have blue sugar crack all over him. And wouldn't you know, it's the one day I didn't bring any wipes. The people behind us got a kick out of it...they called them the "Blue Man Group".

After the game, the kids got to run the bases. Here's a picture of them after they did it because there were too many people in the way.

I had to make sure they didn't touch the grass or they would be shot on sight. Just kidding, but we did get yelled at for accidentally stepping on it.

The kids all got a Slider Mr. Potato Head at the game. They loved it because they could change the arms and take off its uniform.

To end the day, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. They have the best ribs in town. And their chicken fingers are very good and like nothing you've ever tasted.

Great day...

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Friday...Time to blog!!

Lance had his birthday party today at his house. They had a slip 'n slide right off the swing set. Lots of fun...

Lance got what he wanted..Jack Sparrow's knife (sword). He was pretty excited.

Cheryl made the cake and it was still warm cake...yum! The kids also got these skeletons that had squishy face guts in them. My boys obviously loved it.

Good day...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Lance!!!

This is one of the kids I babysit and it's his birthday TODAY!!
He told me what he wanted for his birthday...Jack Sparrow's knife.
It's so amazing to me how fascinated boys are with guns and knives. You can keep them away from weapons and they still manage to make a "gun" or a "knife" out of Legos or Tinker Toys.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Went for a walk with Ben tonight

Here's my normal scenario when I go for a walk with my boys...all 4 of them ride their bikes and I try to keep up by walking and listening to my iPod. Obviously they have to stop A LOT so I can catch up. Now, tonight was different...

I told everyone that I wanted to go for a walk and Ben piped up and said that he would like to come. I figured he wanted to ride his bike, but I was very wrong. He wanted to walk with me. Sam and Josh wanted to ride their bikes, Matthew was too tired. So we went to a park actually near Palm Tree Fanatic's home called Stokely's Park. Come to think of it, we ended up seeing one of her kids there.

I had such a wonderful time talking with Ben. We laughed a lot and talked about more serious stuff. I love the relationship I have with him. We used to butt heads and not get along, it's really nice now. I know his teenage years will be rough, but I hope we can have a good relationship that's open and honest...a Mom can hope.

Clyde Softball Tourney (All Nighter)

Eric played in an all-nighter softball tourney this past weekend. Their first game was at 10:45pm Friday night. The second game was at 6am Saturday. We decided to stay up all night. As you can see, I didn't do well. I ended up taking a "nap" around 4:45 and got up to watch their game at 6. I've decided that I am too old to do all- nighters. I'm not happy...

Some of the guys trying to stay warm by the fire, if that's what you want to call it. You can't even see a flame. One of the guys, who will remain nameless (Scuba-he's the one in the blue), only brought 6 pieces of wood. Needless to say, the fire didn't last long. Number 22 is my husband, nice butt. The one who looks like a deer in headlights is Russell. The guy next to Scuba is my nephew, Justin.

The other picture is what's left of the fire.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

They won the whole thing! Congrats, guys. That's everyone except two guys, Russell and JR.

The kids were feeding the ducks Doritos and Lay's potato chips. The river was right next to where we were hanging out.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday 13 - 13 reasons I love my blog

Ok, I know I just started blogging, but man, this is sooo much fun for me.

13 reasons I love my no particular order

1. It makes me feel as if I'm computer smart.
2. It keeps me from cleaning the house.
3. It keeps me from eating all day long.
4. I get to be creative.
5. I get to spend mindless hours on the computer.
6. It forces me to take more pictures.
7. Hopefully, I can meet new people, but more importantly, stay in touch with all my wonderful friends. (brownie points)
8. I'm starting to think I may not have such a boring life.
9. I can vent and no one yells back or takes it wrong.
10. The kids love seeing their pictures on the step closer to getting that "Mother of the Year" award.
11. I get to talk about myself and my family whether people want to hear it or not.
12. I can't wait to wake up in the morning and see what everyone is doing in my Blog World...that's a lie. If I could sleep in, I would, in a heartbeat.

and the last reason I love my blog...I get to be me. I don't have to act like I'm someone I'm not. I try to do this in real life, but it's alot easier in my blog.

I know the newness of this will wear off...I can't believe I've posted twice in one day. The day's not even close to being over.

Last night's baseball game...Go Ben!!

Here's my oldest, Ben, getting ready to bat.

If you look closely, you can see my wonderful husband in the background. He's out in the ball field trying to psyche out the other team. Just kidding...he's coaching first base.

Imagine that, the next picture is Ben batting. I think he struck out...thanks to the wonderful umpire who's strike zone was from the kids' forehead to their ankles.

WARNING...I'm about to vent. I really wish they had better umpires. I know they are only kids, but how are the players supposed to learn what a strike is when the strike zone is ridiculous.

It's unfortunate that Ben struck out because he didn't swing at what should have been called a ball. I'm done venting...

We had a superhero dropped by to watch the game. I got a quick picture of him before he crawled away.

He forgot his mask so we need to keep his identity a secret...thanks.

Ben pitched for two innings, which is the maximum they can pitch. He also plays first and second base...not at the same time...that would be impressive.

He did really well...I was very proud of him.

This is Zachary, one of Ben's friends. Obviously, he plays on the other team. He's one of the kids I babysit over the summer.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Matthew's accident

Poor Matthew! He was playing basketball two days ago and tripped over a scooter and hit the metal chaise lounge. YIKES!! I don't know if your kids have ever had an open wound on their head, but let me tell ya, it gushes the blood. Needless to say, it took me a good hour for the bleeding to stop. I thought for sure we were headed to the ER. Matthew was not happy about that because he received staples before to the back of his head and it wasn't an enjoyable memory.

I finally get the bleeding to stop and what does my wonderful Matthew say to me...Can I go back outside and finish my game? Boys will be boys...

(I am loving my blog...I just wish I didn't lead such a boring life...hee, hee)

Cleveland MetroPark Zoo - July'07 first blog entry. How exciting...

We went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago and had a lot of fun. The kids love the dinosaur exhibit. Matthew wants to be a zoo keeper. I'm sure that will change next week.