Thursday, August 30, 2007

13 Thursday- 13 reasons I'm excited about school starting

1. Seeing the excitement in their eyes
2. The freedom to do more
3. I can see them when I volunteer at school
4. Ever heard of a "nooner"?
5. Back to a routine
6. Kids have to go to bed early
7. I can finally clean my house
8. I'm not real excited about #7
9. I get Jackson all to myself...poor kid
10. I just might start exercising again
11. I can go shopping with no kids...sorry Eric
12. I can work on my floral arrangements
13. and the best reason...I won't have to keep saying, "Stop fighting with your brother", "Quit whining", "Share the toys", "Don't run in the house", and "Go outside".

I actually feel a little better. I stopped crying, that's a start.

These are all "my" kids. The pretty girl is Jennifer. I babysit her. You know Matthew and Ben. The middle kid is Jacob. He's our neighbor.


Shaunda said...

GReat pics, I think were both thinking the same things. I love your 13 Thursday you took the words right out of my mouth...LOVE ya

king of the castle said...

great list, but to be honest I would've just stopped at #4!

Stayllo said...

I love your list!

Stayllo said...

#4 is why we have to mover closer to Doug's job :)

Alex said...

Hey! No nooners when my son's there :) haha!!!

KC said...

LOL #4 is cracking me up. #7 I need to do, but I'm distracting myself with your blog ;P
Great pictures.

Rachel said...

There was a man that Nathan worked with and he and his wife were trying to get pregnant. Well he got a call at work one day and decided he should take an early lunch. He told someone he was going home for a 'tenor'. They asked what that was and he said, "Its a nooner only sooner!" That's what I thought of when I read #4.