Sunday, August 12, 2007

So I know you have to be wondering what our favorite things about camping were...well, today, is your lucky day!

Eric's favorite things were...rafting on the first day. We canoed for 11 miles on Sat and it was not fun. Everything hurt when we were finished. Don't feel like doing that again. His other fav. thing was sitting around the fire

My favorite things...making S'mores and packing up to go home. I'm just kidding, I actually liked going through the storm on Thursday. I'm fascinated with thunderstorms and all.

Ben's favorite things were...kayaking on Sat. He actually was in a 2 man kayak and his brothers would switch on and off to ride with him. He did all the work...I was very impressed. His 2nd thing was playing kickball. There was a field right next to us and it was perfect for the kids.

Matthew's first favorite thing was playing spoons. It's kind of a card game where you have to get 4 of a kind and then grab a spoon. The person who doesn't have a spoon is out. It gets your heart a-pumping, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. He also enjoyed playing kickball.

Sam's favorite things were swimming in the pool and throwing sticks into the fire...don't ask.

Josh's favorite things were sleeping in the kayak with Ben hauling him around and playing in the park. He was there more than at the campsite, I think. I would tell Sam to stay with him and Sam would constantly come back to the campsite and say that Josh refuses to leave.

This week's Joshism...we get home and what pops out of Josh's mouth, "I missed my toilet" And there you have it...


KC said...

LOL LOL Josh kills me.. Though I must say after the weekend of Aug 3rd and 4th I was very happy to get back home and have a flush toilet. LOL the campground we stayed at that weekend didn't have flush pots and the ball feilds we were at that weekend only had outhouses.. so my bathroom was a welcome site.

Stayllo said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed your camping trip. Who wouldn't miss their toilet?