Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some Cedar Point pictures

I took all 4 boys to Cedar Point on Labor Day. Here's some pics from the ride "Troika"

All 3 boys couldn't ride it unless there was an adult with them. I knew I was in for it because I just can't handle spinny, tummy float kind of rides anymore.

"This is my favorite ride, Mom!!" Ohhh, great, kid, you need to start growing because I'm feelin' queasy.

Yes, the last time I need to ride...for now. Josh liked it too...rats!

Not feeling good, had to sit for awhile.


palmtreefanatic said...

lol! The troika?
That ride isn't THAT bad! Its the scrambler that makes me wanna hurl thinking about it!

Yeah in some ways I missed mops, I missed all the moms! sigh...
I thought of each and every one of you today too as I was walking Maddie...those were the days! Thanks for thinking of me;)

Heather said...

Oh those kiddie rides get to me these days too. Can't ride them 10 times in a row like when we were younger. Glad you had a nice day with the boys.

Stayllo said...

I can't ride those rides anymore. I was fine with them until I had kids. Since then I feel the urge to barf and/or get a migraine.

king of the castle said...

I've seen that look before, but it's usually after a night of drinking.

Aunt Jess said...

Ben looks thrilled.
I miss Cedar Point. And I miss you guys!