Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

The kids finally convinced their Dad to carve their pumpkins. Everyone was very excited. And what comes out of Sam's mouth, "It's time to get naked!". I guess he thought he would actually help clean out the pumpkin...not so.

Ben wouldn't get near it. He didn't like the smell. He was more into the carving part.

Josh kind of liked it a little too much. He was the only one that would get down and dirty. He thought it was pretty cool

After some persuasion, Matthew decided to help out. I think he only did it once though.

Sam would have nothing to do with it. He kept saying he was going to puke. Well, guess what? He almost did. I thought for sure I was going to have to clean up some vomit when he started dry heaving.


Heather said...

We are carving ours tonight. That means baked pumpkin seeds! YUM! Jason used to gag when we carved pumpkins, It was soo funny. Looks like a good messy fun was had by all over your way!

KC said...

My kids carved there today after school. When Asked if she was going to clean out the inside of her pumpkin Sweet Pea said "are you kidding that is so gross, no way" LOL.. Princess felt the same way. Mr Man was the only one willing to clean out the insides.

Stayllo said...

The faces are hilarious!

Shaunda said...

WOW, Love the faces...My Girls and I had a blast this year. THanks for all the wonderful pics. Can't wait until Sat!

Rachel said...

That is too funny! Glad you guys had fun.