Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I love Halloween!!

Josh was in heaven. It literally took him an hour to decide what to wear. He's definitely my "Costume King". He had a wrestling uniform on and we convinced him he would be too cold. He was going to be a Ninja turtle and Sam had a fit because he wanted to be the ninja. As you will see, Sam ended up not wearing it. You should have seen their room after he was!!

This was one of the best garage sale buys. Both Sam and Josh love the cat costume.

Matthew is an Ohio State Buckeyes Fan. We sprayed his hair gray and red (I mean crimson, of course). I don't recommend doing that. The paint did not come out of his hair very well.

He thought he was the coolest kid and of course he was :) His cheeks say "Go Bucks".
Ben did not go trick or treating, but decided to humor me and wear it to the grandparents' house.


KC said...

They all look so cute.
LOL about Ben not trick or treating.. Aubrie said she was too cool last year also but then changed her mind the day of trick or treat. Then this year the same thing.. The 1st time we went trick or treating(in my parents town) she did not go she just stayed back and passed out the candy. Then Tuesday at school she found out a group of her friends were going out together so she changed her mind and dressed up and went out with them. Not cool to go with your parents and little sister and brothers.. but cool to go with your friends LOL.
I loved all the pictures.. they all looked so cute. Glad you all had a good Halloween

palmtreefanatic said...

lol! What a great assortment of costumes! I passed out this year and let a frd of mine take the kids, it was rather neat seeing ALL kinds!
Some REALLY do it up! WOW!
glad yours went well! ours did too;)

Stayllo said...

Great costumes!! It looks like they had lots of fun!!!