Monday, November 5, 2007

This weekend was very full as you can see because I'm writing about it. I usually don't because not much happens on the weekend.
Friday night was very sad. There was a memorial service for my ex SIL. The turn out was wonderful, a lot of people are going to miss her. One good thing came out of it, I was able to see my family. We went over to my brother's house afterwards and had dinner. My SIL's kids are doing well, as well as they can. Dan, her middle child, gave a speech during the service and it was so heartfelt. Josh, her oldest, created a picture show that put everyone to tears. It's unfortunate that they lost their mother, but they are closer than ever and will lean on each other more.
On Saturday, I was in the craft show at St. Paul's. I didn't sell a lot, but it seemed as if a lot of people were interested in my open houses so we'll see...I have a couple of pictures on my other blog.
On Saturday night Eric and I went to a reverse raffle for Christie Lane. No, we didn't win, but man, we came close. I know, I know close doesn't count. It was a good time.
On Sunday, we went to the Browns' football game. Here are some pictures. They ended up winning in over time. It was a great game!!

The two guys are our cousins, Scott and Adam. They drove up with us, but had different seats. So, we hung out before the game.


Stayllo said...

That picture of you and Eric is so cute!!! I love how you painted the kids faces.

Alex said...

it looks like you had a great time!!! and your cousins are kinda cute. wink, wink ;)