Friday, August 31, 2007

Encourage others and yourself! Share a scripture, quote, devotional, lyrics, or anything that has blessed you and strengthened you in your faith. Don't forget to copy and paste this and to link back to Sheryl's post.

"God wants you to move through this day with a quiet heart, an inward assurance that He is in control, a peaceful certainty that your life is in His hands, a deep trust in His plan and purposes, and a thankful disposition toward all that He allows. He wants you to put your faith in Him, not in a timetable. He wants you to wait on Him and wait for Him. In His perfect way He will put everything together...see to every detail...arrange every circumstance...and order every step to bring to pass what He has for you."

I receive emails from Dayspring and this was written by Roy Lessin, the co-founder. Is it possible that he wrote that just for me? I find it hard to have a quiet heart and letting God be in control. Sometimes it's hard to have a "thankful disposition". For instance, I didn't get the preschool teacher job and I don't know why. It's hard being thankful when I really wanted it. I know in my heart that God has something wonderful for me, but I wish He would let me know what that was and I'd really like to know NOW. See what I mean, he wrote it just for me.

Have a super weekend everyone...

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KC said...

Oh Lori.. sorry about the preschool job, but you are right God is in control and He has something different in mind for you. Isn't it wonderful how God brings just the right things into our life when we need it, the way he got this email to you right when you needed it..
Great Faith-lift Friday.