Thursday, August 30, 2007

I made it through their first's what I did

I decided that Jenn and I deserved a good old fashioned breakfast. It was her first full day without the kids too. So, we went to Sterks near Jenn's house. It was wonderful.
That is what they call an omelet. It looked more like a pizza. It was delicious.
Here's Jackson. I did have another picture of him with his mouth full of food and wide open. I didn't think his mom would appreciate it.

Everybody running home. They all had a great day. Lance didn't because it lasted too long. Josh forgot his lunch...way to go Mom. And his snack. He still came home in good spirits. Sam was so happy to have homework...don't ask. It was a good day for them.

I'm not sure what happened to Ben, but I needed to get a picture of him. Even in pain, he smiles for the camera.

Hope everyone had a great day today :)


Alex said...

Aw, thank you for taking Jackson! I love the picture of the kids getting off the bus! And I wouldn't have minded a picture of Jackson with his mouth full and wide open. That's usually how I see him eat dinner. :)

Stayllo said...

I'm glad they had such a good day!

KC said...

Glad they all had a great day.. and once again those are some Great pictures..
I have been to that resturant a few times normally on a sunday afternoon after church but never for breakfest.. that omlet does look like a pizza..
and NOW you are a true blogger.. taking pictures of food in local(somewhat)resturants ;P
I knew I hit that blogger stage when I took a picture of me and Sweet Pea in taco bell LOL.

palmtreefanatic said...

great looking omlet!
love the photo of the kids coming off the bus, so cool!
I replied to your comment on my blog!;)
thanks for stopping by!